Packing list: These 13 things belong in your hand luggage when you travel by plane

Here’s your packing list for your carry-on luggage for your next plane trip:


Many planes now offer in-flight entertainment with current movies, music and podcasts from around the world. With headphones in your hand luggage, you can access the programs before takeoff and shorten your flight time. You also save the €3 – €6 that many airlines charge for the headphones.


If you have never used earplugs before, you will probably find the foreign body in your ear a bit strange at first. But you get used to it quite quickly and enjoy a restful sleep. (at least as far as you can sleep well on the plane).

On my last long haul I tried wax earplugs for the first time and was thrilled. They close much better than the plugs made of absorbent cotton, because they fit perfectly to the auricle.


Often the entry forms are already handed out in the airplane, which have to be handed in at the passport control. It is very annoying if you do not have a pen or pencil at hand for this case and have to wait until you can borrow one from the other passengers.

Toothbrush/chewing gum

I recommend always having a toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste with you, even for short flights. Brushing your teeth briefly in between or just before landing refreshes not only your mouth but also your head. (in a transparent, resealable bag). Alternatively, chewing gum or a peppermint will do the trick.



Lip balm/moisturizer

Another freshness boost against fatigue and sallow skin due to bad cabin air. It should be noted that the max. liquid quantities (100 ml total) are not exceeded.


I have experienced it 1000 times that customers or fellow travelers lost their suitcases on the journey and only arrived at the hotel days later. So well always had the customers their important medicines in the suitcase and not in the hand luggage -> important medicines belong ALWAYS in the hand luggage!!!

Changing clothes

Also this in case the suitcase does not arrive. A pair of underwear, shorts, a T-shirt and swimwear to tide you over for the first day without a suitcase. This reduces the disappointment and hassle at least somewhat.

Neck pillow/sleeping goggles

Especially for long-haul flights an indispensable item for a sleep without annoying head-away-bend.

Book or magazine

Many domestic and short-haul flights do not offer in-flight entertainment. For those cases, a great way to pass the time. I also like to read in the pre-purchased guidebook on flights to get in the mood for the vacation and the country.

Sweater/scarf/thick socks

In most airplanes, the air conditioning is set way too cool and blows around your ears. To avoid getting sick, I always take a sweater or scarf on the plane, even on flights to the south. On long-haul flights, thick socks keep you more comfortable and reduce sweaty feet.


Currently, many airlines no longer offer free catering on flights (e.g. Eurowings) or the food served is usually not particularly tasty or sufficient. For such cases, I always take a banana, fruit bar or a sandwich with me.

Credit card/cash

Some airlines offer the in-flight program only for a fee (e.g.: Condor). For this, it is worthwhile to have some small change or the credit card with you.

Charging cable/power bank

If you like to play with your cell phone on the plane or have exhausted the free Wifi at the airport, you should not forget the charging cable or a powerbank. On long-haul flights, many seats have USB plugs.

The tip at the end

A button that cuts into your pants or a blouse that’s too tight can be a pain on your long-haul flight. When choosing clothes for air travel, the rule is – comfortable before chic!

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