My top 10 most beautiful beaches worldwide

The beaches are in no particular order, as each beach has something special. This is my personal selection. Where are your dream beaches? I am looking forward to your comments!

Kendwa Beach/Zansibar/Tanzania




When and why was I there? 2016 – 2017 as a tour guide on season

The “Kendwa Beach” in the northwest of Zanzibar is one of my personal favorites. The beach is big, wide, long and the sand is snow white. The water could not be more turquoise, simply gorgeous! During the day you can relax wonderfully on the beach, who consumes something at the bar or in the restaurant can use the sunbeds for free.


On the beach itself there is a wide range of activities and 1x per month the big “Full Moon” party takes place on Kendwa beach with music and acrobatic acts from the island and the mainland of Tanzania. Since the beach is located on the west coast, you can also enjoy a fantastic sunset in the evening around 18:15. The beach is no longer an insider tip in Zanzibar but not completely overcrowded. The beach is especially popular with backpackers and younger people.

Porto Katsiki/Lefkas/Greece


When and why was I there? 2018 with a tour operator info tour

Porto Katsiki beach is the most famous beach on the island of Lefkas. Just the view of the beach from the parking lot and the clear turquoise waters are worth a visit. The beach is surrounded by steep cliffs, which makes the beach so unique and gives it its special look.




You can reach the beach via some stairs, which you go down quite easily, but up require some strength. Alternatively, in the high season boats go regularly, for example: from Nidri to the beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented on the beach. The sand is coarse-grained to pebbly. In high season Porto Katsiki is quite crowded, it is recommended to be there early or to visit it in low season.

Isla Holbox/Yucatán/Mexico


When and why was I there? 2019 private vacation

Holbox is a 2 km wide and 40 km long island in the north of Yucatán. The beaches on Holbox are simply gorgeous and can definitely be compared to those in the Maldives. The sea is very shallow, which makes the water even clearer and more turquoise. At the ends of the island you can even find flamingos standing with one leg in the water.

Many bloggers and testimonials are quite critical about Holbox, I personally found the island beautiful and the beaches gorgeous! Yes, the island is perhaps no longer an insider tip, but you will find many places and beach sections that are not crowded or even empty.

The island itself is car-free and can only be accessed by bike or golf cart. Holbox can be reached by speedboat. The public is mostly quite young, many backpackers and dropouts can be seen on the beaches.

Chrissi Island/Crete/Greece


When and why was I there? 2012 as a tour guide on season

The bathing island Chrissi can be reached from the south of Crete by speedboat/ferry. There are two sandy beaches on the island, one in the south and one in the north. The colors of the water are the same as in the Caribbean. From turquoise blue to emerald green, simply gorgeous. The sand is coarse-grained white and interspersed with thousands of broken shells. The path to the beach leads through a forest of juniper trees and cedars that stand almost unreal in the landscape.


On both beaches you will find at least one open bar during the summer months. Since the drinks there are quite expensive, I would recommend to take some provisions from the accommodation. Two sunbeds and an umbrella cost between €8,- to €10,- depending on the season. There is no accommodation on the island and camping is not allowed.



When and why was I there? 2010 as a tour guide on season

Tropea beach is probably the most famous in Calabria.

The beach is coarse-grained sandy and the sea is shallow, making it great for splashing and for families with children. What makes the beach so special is its location directly under the 40 meter high cliff on which the town of Tropea was built.


In the early and late season (May / end of September) the beach is sometimes almost deserted, in the high season (July and August) it is very well attended. On the beach, sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented, the price for 2 sunbeds and an umbrella is from €10,- to €25,- per day, depending on the season. The public is rather older in the low season, in July and August the beach is visited by many families with children. The town of Tropea is reached by a stone staircase of 350 steps.



When and why was I there? 2017 as a tour guide on season

Now we come to the absolute dream beach for me – and at the same time one of the beaches I will probably never be able to afford again. Milaidhoo is a 300×180 meter barefoot island in the Indian Ocean and only accessible by seaplane. I was allowed to visit the island in the course of a “side inspection” as a representative of a tour operator and spend the night there.




I have never seen such a kitschy beach, simply incredible. Snow-white, fine sand, shallowly sloping turquoise blue glistening sea, palm trees, luxury – priceless. Each villa has its own butler and private pool and the island is famous for its stunning house reef.

7 Mile Beach/Negril/Jamaica


When and why was I there? 2018 as a tour guide on season

Jamaica’s 7 Mile Beach is actually 4 miles long and is one of the few free beaches in Jamaica. The sand is fine and golden, and the water is Caribbean blue. Even though the beach is one of the most famous on the island, you can always find a quiet spot. You don’t necessarily have to rent a sun lounger, you can also lie down wonderfully under one of the many bushes.


On the beach there are countless bars, restaurants and stores – which you can easily avoid due to the length of the beach.

Who you can not completely escape are the vendors and the locals who want to pick up women on the beach. A polite but firm “no” helps in most cases.

I find the beach especially exciting on weekends when the local families come to swim, a spectacle 🙂



When and why was I there? 2008 as a participant in a volunteer project

Probably the most unknown beaches of this top 10 and still a real insider tip! Karimunjava, consisting of 27 islands, is located about 80 km from the north coast of the island of Java. Called by many also the “Caribbean of Indonesia”, I can sign this designation 100%. And the good thing about it, if you are there, there is the paradise for a ridiculous price.




Snow-white beaches, turquoise water, deserted bays, coconuts, colorful fish, peace and quiet, the sound of the sea – paradise par excellence! You can reach the dream islands by boat as a day trip. Since you are not allowed to camp on most of the islands, it is best to spend the night in a “homestay” on one of the inhabited islands.

Koh Tao/Thailand


When and why was I there? 2009 when I made my diving license there

The Thai island Koh Tao is a tropical island paradise and famous for its countless white palm beaches. Every single beach is a great photo motif and invites you to relax and splash around. The beaches in the west are well visited by package holidaymakers due to the many hotels, especially in the European winter months. The beaches in the east are a bit quieter and those who are not afraid of a longer foot perch or a kayak tour will find many hidden secluded bays.


The beaches are fine sandy and the sea is shallow, which makes the beaches super suitable for families with children. There are no kilometer-long sandy beaches, but many smaller to tiny bays. On most beaches there are bars for a cocktail in between and restaurants for a nice dinner in the evening. Koh Tao is only accessible by boat.

Santa Giulia Beach/Corsica/France


When and why was I there? 2019 with a tour operator info tour.

The beach of Santa Giulia is located on the southern coast of the island of Corsica. Called by many “the Caribbean of France”, this beach is snow-white to golden yellow and the sea is crystal clear, shimmering in all shades of blue. The entire bay is surrounded by a pine forest and the sea is gently sloping. What makes the beach so special is its location, which resembles a lagoon. The beach stretches along a headland and is enclosed by the sea from both sides. As a backdrop, you can see the Corsican mountains in the background, which together with the small groups of rocks in the water offer a great photo motif.


On the beach there is a wide range of water sports and snack bars for the physical well-being. Since Santa Giulia beach is one of the three most famous beaches on the island, it is naturally well visited in the high season.

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