23 things to know before traveling to Capri

The arrival

The island of Capri does not have its own airport, the nearest airport is in Naples. ( Napoli-Capodichino )

Naples is served by many airports from the German speaking countries e.g.: Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt, Berlin etc.

With a package tour the transfer from Naples airport to Capri is included. A representative of the tour operator will be waiting for you at the airport and will direct you to the right transfer bus.

Alternative ways to get to the port:

  • by cab: (about €20, – / distance). I myself have not had any bad experiences with it, but a colleague of mine was once ripped off and even threatened. Therefore, I would take a cab only in an emergency and the price must be fixed in advance.

  • by bus: the bus stop for the “AliBus” can be found right in front of the arrivals hall. (every 20 minutes, about €5,- per person)

  • by car: It is not possible to cross over to Capri with your own car. If you travel to Naples by car, you can leave your car in a guarded parking lot at the Beverello port (approx. €15/day).

    If you want to arrive in a particularly luxurious way, you can book a helicopter flight.



There are two ways to get to Capri by boat: by ferry (traghetto) or by speedboat (aliscafo).

The ferry is slower (1- 1 ½ hours), but cheaper. The speedboat is faster (about 50 minutes), but more expensive. Tickets can be purchased online before the trip or directly at the port.

www.capri.it/it/orari-traghetti – direct price comparison and travel times.



Arrival with day trip

Those who do not vacation on Capri but want to get to know the island can do so with a day trip. Excursion boats depart daily from Ischia, Naples and the Amalfi Coast to the dream island during the high season. The boats usually depart between 08:00 – 10:00 and depart again around 15:30/17:00.

Arrival in Capri

Every ferry and speedboat docks at the port of Capri, the “Marina Grande”. From there there are various possibilities to get to Capri’s main square, the “Piazzetta”.

You can either take the bus, the funicular, a cab or walk (about 30 minutes).

The funicular (Funicolare) and buses run about every 15 minutes, a ticket costs about €2.00. Taxis are quite expensive. From Marina Grande to Piazzetta you pay about €20,- depending on the season, number of passengers and luggage.



No big secret, but it should be mentioned again. Capri is not a cheap island!

Who wants to make halfway inexpensive vacation on Capri, can also find some cheap accommodation on the popular booking platforms (eg: www.airbnb.de). In an upscale restaurant you have to calculate about €20,- for an appetizer and €25,- for a main course. Restaurants with simpler, regional cuisine offer main courses starting at €13,-.

As a rule, restaurants that are off the beaten path are a bit cheaper.

For self-caterers, you can also find the one or other cheaper grocery store in Anacapri.

Public Transportation

If you are on vacation in Capri, you don’t need a car. Buses between Marina Grande to Capri to Anacapri leave every few minutes in high season, and every quarter hour in low season. Alternatively, take a cab or book a private transfer before your trip. Also, the whole island can be easily explored on foot. The walk from the Marina Grande harbor up to the main square is beautiful and takes about 15-20 minutes. In high season I recommend to walk this way only down, uphill it can be very hot and exhausting. The same goes for Capri to Anacapri up the Phoenician Steps. (about 1 hour)


Capri is visited by many celebrities every year. Formerly one of the favorite vacation spots of Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, today stars like Heidi Klum, Gerald Butler and Naomi Campbell enjoy the island’s atmosphere.

During the day, you have rather few chances for celebrity sightings. The rich and beautiful usually prefer to stay on their yachts or in the booked luxury hotel during the day and only stroll in the evening over the Piazzetta and through the winding streets of Anacapri.




The Blue Grotto

THE landmark of Capri and a must for most vacationers visiting the island.

It is best to be at the entrance of the blue grotto as early as possible, when it is not yet so busy.

If you want to admire the grotto at the best light conditions, visit it around noon.

If you want to avoid high prices, long waiting times and the feeling of being ripped off on vacation, I recommend taking a private tour by boat around the island where you can visit many other great caves.




Capri is a very rocky island and some walkways and beaches are under massive rocks. The “Via Krupp” is often closed due to falling rocks. In some places signs “Caduta Massi” warn of falling rocks. It is advisable to avoid these places.

Criminal clubs

Southern Italy is of course often associated with the mafia. Concerns about this are completely unfounded, the mafia has no interest in tourists. As in any other city, it is advisable to take care of your valuables and lock valuables in the safe.


Especially on the hottest days of the year, these unpopular sea creatures like to stay near the beaches; especially on the popular beach of the “Marina Piccola”. If the water is full of jellyfish, I recommend to splash only in the shallow water where you can see the jellyfish well.


Proper footwear


For hikes around the island, I recommend at least good sneakers. I see tourists walking the Phoenician Steps with flip-flops all the time. For the sake of your feet and to avoid injuries – please only wear sturdy shoes.


Most of Capri’s beaches are pebbly/stony. Therefore, you can never go wrong with bathing shoes.



Is a day trip worth it?

Most excursion boats depart from Ischia, Naples and the Amalfi Coast in the morning for Capri and leave in the early to late afternoon. In this short time you have the opportunity to visit the main sights of the island such as Villa San Michele, the Piazzetta and the Augustus Gardens.

If you want to get to know the real Capri, you have to stay overnight. When the last excursion boat has left, the island suddenly takes on a completely different atmosphere.


What must you have done?

Mandatory program for me is a tour around the island by boat.

Capri’s cave system includes a total of 65 grottoes. A “Giro d’Isola” gives you, among other things, the opportunity to see the lesser known grottoes, such as: the green grotto and the white grotto. The jagged rocks, the hidden luxury villas and every possible blue and green shade of the sea, make such a tour a dreamlike and unforgettable experience.


Hotels by the sea

The coast of Capri is so rocky that there are hardly any hotels directly on the beach. There are no fine sandy beaches, but there are great pebble/stone beaches and man-made bathing platforms.

These can be reached on foot, by bus or in exclusive hotels – by golf caddy.


There are many strikes in Italy. In my season, sometimes the ship companies went on strike, sometimes the buses on Capri. As a rule, the accommodation should inform you before your trip, if a strike is scheduled. Then the accommodation can organize a transfer to the hotel or you can book one. If the ships do not sail, you will have to book a night in Naples. Most strikes are over after one day.


The road, built by the industrialist Friedrich Krupp, is closed from time to time due to falling rocks and then reopened.

The same applies to the Phoenician Steps, which connect Capri with Anacapri.



Without which souvenirs I can not leave this dream island in any case?

  • Perfume

in Via Camerelle, the street that leads from the Piazzetta towards the Faraglioni rocks, you will find the perfumery that produces the famous “Carthusia Perfumes”. This perfume is said to reproduce the scent of Capri. The fragrance is a matter of taste, a bottle is available from about €70.

  • Capri Sandals

If you don’t want to leave the island without a pair of the famous Capri sandals, I recommend to buy them in Anacapri. There you will find along the streets some shoemakers who make the original sandals themselves and tailor them directly to your foot if you wish.

  • Limoncello

This super delicious liqueur, best drunk ice cold, is made from lemons, alcohol and sugar. It is also available in small (ex: 250ml) bottles – a great way to take the flavors of the island home with you.




When vacationing on Capri, you don’t necessarily have to wear Capri pants and Capri sandals. Although I don’t care much for brand name fashion myself, with the many high priced stores and elegant atmosphere on Capri, I feel more comfortable being well dressed.

Since it can get very hot in the summer, I recommend light airy clothing in light shades and possibly. Hat as sun protection. In the evening, when the last excursion boat has left, it may be quiet a little more elegant.


The geographical location of the island causes a very mild climate.

A good weather guarantee is almost nowhere, but the best chances for sunshine are in the months of May – September. July and August are the warmest months on Capri with water temperatures of about 25 degrees. The coldest months are January and February.

If you want to hike on Capri and see a lot of the island, I recommend the months of May to mid-June and mid-September to mid-October.


As everywhere in Italy, the tip is already paid with the “coperto” (cover). Nevertheless, the service staff and hotel employees are happy about an additional tip. The usual amount is 10-15% of the bill. The tip is left on the table when leaving the restaurant.



Not much importance is given to breakfast in southern Italy. Usually there is a cappuccino and a cornetto (partial croissant). Sometimes Italians also eat 1-2 slices of white bread with jam or honey.

For your information, hotels usually pay attention to the fact that in other parts of the world, emphasis is placed on a varied breakfast buffet. However, the selection on most buffets is still not comparable to that in hotels in German-speaking countries.


The absolute classic of the island as an appetizer: the Caprese salad. This delicious specialty is prepared only from tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, basil, oregano and salt.

Particularly delicious are also “Ravioli alla Caprese”. The dumplings are served with fresh tomato sauce and basil.


THE dessert of the island is the “Caprese” or “Torta Caprese”, a delicacy made of chocolate, almonds, butter, eggs and sugar. The perfect caprese is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Finish with an iced limoncello and/or an espresso.


Excursions to the surroundings

If you stay longer on Capri and want to see a bit more of the area, there are regular ferries and speedboats to Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Alternatively, there is also the possibility to go by private boat to the Amalfi Coast (e.g.: to Nerano) and dine there in a restaurant that is only accessible from the sea side. A dreamlike experience! For more excursion options and highlights of the island, check out my blog: “My top 20 excursion destinations on Capri”.

Avoid mass tourism

Capri is visited by thousands of tourists every day, that’s no secret. Most visitors drive up from Marina Grande to the Piazzetta, walk along Via Caramelle to the Augustus Gardens, and then take a bus up to Anacapri to visit Villa San Michele.

The good thing is that you only have to take one step off these paths to discover quiet alleyways, cozy spots and great sights. Capri offers great hikes of various difficulty levels, walks through dreamy alleys and breathtaking views away from mass tourism.


My favorites on the dream island:

Restaurant: “Michel’Angelo” – the most delicious seafood linguine in the world!



Hotel: “Hotel Luna” – a fantastic view of the Faraglioni rocks, only a few minutes walk to the “Augustus Gardens”, the “Via Krupp” and the “Piazzetta” and still in a quiet location.


Boat tour – great private boat tours around the island, trips to the Amalfi Coast or Naples





During my nearly 8-month season on Ischia, I was allowed to go to Capri once a week. The 1-hour boat ride was a highlight for me every time and when the excursion boat docked in Capri and I took my first steps on the island, it felt very special every time. The island of Capri has a very special flair that is hard to put into words. I can only recommend everyone to stay at least 1-2 nights on Capri to enjoy this flair also in the evening. Those who come to Capri by day trip should not be frightened by the masses of people who flood the island every day. The beauty of Capri is that even during the day, although the island is so small, you only have to take a few steps off the beaten path to quietly experience the beauty and uniqueness of this island.

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